In addition to BlackBerry, RailBandit (rail) is now available on iPhone and Android. You must use corresponding app store (Apple iTunes and Android Market) to get the application. Purchase of the iPhone and Android versions can be made only through these stores.

RailBandit for iPhone & iPod touch

Available on the App Store
RailBandit (rail) application for iPhone and iPod touch and iPad is available for devices with iOS 5.0 and up. Here you can see some screenshots of the latest version. Get it from the App Store.

NJT Trains Listing on iPhone NJT Trip Stations on iPhone NJT Schedules List on iPhone
NJT Live Updates on iPhone NJT Rail Trip Map on iPhone Delays screen feature on iPhone

RailBandit for Android

Download for Android

RailBandit (rail) application for Android has been released in January 2011. It is compatible with all Android OS 1.5 and up.

RailBandit for Android is also available as 10-day fully featured free trial: you have 10 days to use it before you buy. Here you can see some screenshots of the app. To download, start Android Market app and search for Railbandit.

Trains listing for NJ Transit on Android NJ Transit rail trip with adjustable connections on Android Amtrak, NJ Transit, LIRR Metro North in one Android app
NJ Transit train delays shown on Android NJ Transit rail trip map Metro North tracks on Grand Central on Android

RailBandit for BlackBerry: download by pointing your BlackBerry browser to

Get it at BlackBerry App World

RailBandit 2.5 (rail) for BlackBerry updates the previous BlackBerry version that was released back in June 2010. It is compatible with all BlackBerry OS 4.3 and up.

The primary purpose of this update is to bring the best features present in Android and iPhone versions and to make it work as intended on the latest BlackBerry OS 6.0 devices. Below you can see screenshots of the latest version.

Improved New Trip interface When selecting a stop, you can see stops by line or select a single line You can also list all stops alphabetically Option to show departed trains moved to Search Options screen

Brand new "New Trip" screen and connected stop picker screens: list stops alphabetically, group by lines or select individual lines for quicker selection. The lists are searchable: type 'M' to move to stops that start with 'M' and so on. 'Departed trains' option is moved to the 'Search Options' screen.

Adding new schedule or checking for updates is more straghtforward Schedules listing has been enhanced to highlight updates New automatic updates feature makes it easier to know about the updates Displaying reverse trip options is now a one-click operation

Improved schedules interface; new "Automatic Updates" feature tells you about available new schedules automatically: you don't have to rely on RSS updates any more! Reverse trip menu option added for quicker reverse trip lookup.

Trips details includes more information in section headings and make it easier to access Connection screen Map has been updated to show graphical stations information It's easier now to switch to Nearest stops mode You can report errors to us right from the application

Improved trip details listing with more information in headings and easier access to "Connection Times" dialog (for transfers). Improvements to the map, and finally - "Contact Developer" button to report any issues with schedules or application itself right from the app.